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November 24th, 2000
Hmm, it seems as though the last update didn't get sent to the server. I was wondering why I didn't get any more entries than I did :). The link to the page with RBL Season 3 is in the news message below this.
--Matt Hawk


November 16th, 2000
Ok, I've decided on how I'm going to do RBL Season 3. It'll have 3 contests - the two most popular ones, Real Rocket Arena and Midget Wars, and a new one, Hover Wars. For details, go the the RBL Season 3 page (The old RBL page was getting a little long, so this is going onto a new one).
--Matt Hawk


November 11th, 2000
I've got the Midget Wars II Rocket Arena results up here.
Also, I fixed the link in the RBL page to the first play-by-play. Gozer really has a good voice for this sort of thing :)
--Matt Hawk

November 10th, 2000
It took 3 hours of straight Mindrover (most of which was in about 5 specific matches), but Real Rocket Arena has been completed.To view the results for all 3 weight classes, click here.

--Matt Hawk

November 9th, 2000

Well, it seems as though Gozer isn't going to be able to run RBL any more. Being a member of the outcry mentioned below, I decided there was only one thing I could do - Help out. And as a result, I find myself with the keys (er... login name and password) for the RBL site, and I'm probably going to run future contests. Gozer's still in RBL, he's just a unable to work on it due to a little thing called life that is taking up most of his free time :)
Well, to get this thing started, I'm planning a third run of the RBL. I haven't decided particulars yet, though obviously it will include Midget Wars. It will probably be run in early december. Expect more details tomorrow or saturday.

--Matt Hawk

September 28th, 2000
The end is coming, there has been a little outcry to keep things going,
but no.  I don't believe things will survive.  Enough down talk though,
I've posted the first of the Play-by-plays!
Check them out here!
Also, check here, so you can download ALL the contestents in the
second run of the RBL.

September 17th, 2000
It's a sad day in Mudville.  Mighty Gozer has struck out!
Yes things are that bad.
Reality stinks, but I can't ignore it.  This is the end of the RBL!
I will try and finish the current run.  There will be updates!  Just none too fast.
I apologize a thousand times to all concerned parties.
Please check the RBL page for the full story.
P.S. The results for Midget Wars II: WWI are in.

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